Bronx Full Gospel Assembly

For the past five decades, people from Kerala, the southern state of the Indian subcontinent, started to migrate to the United States of America. Towards the end of the seventies, there was a notable rise in the number of Keralites who migrated to America, and they started to settle down in US cities that had the most job opportunities. It did not take very long before small prayer gatherings started to form under the leadership of Malayalee Pentecostals.

In The Bronx, one of the important boroughs of the World’s business capital, New York, a few brothers started a prayer fellowship in the mid 1970s. This small prayer group grew into a church quickly. When the brothers inquired of Pastor G. G. Varghese to take the responsibility of the church, Pastor Varghese accepted the responsibility. The official inauguration of the church was conducted in November 1976, during the Thanksgiving week. From its inception, Bronx Full Gospel Assembly has maintained an independent stand, where to this day, believers from various Keralite Christian denominations fellowship together in the unity of the Holy Spirit, foregoing the differences. God used Pastor Varghese to reach out to people with family and other issues to help them turn to God for their deliverance and to attain peace through Jesus.

With the desire to buy a church building, a building fund was formed in 1983. From 1977, Bronx Full Gospel Assembly rented a church in Jerome Avenue, and then from 1980, they rented Mount Olivette Church in Grand Concourse for the fellowship meetings. Generous donations from church members, friends and believers from other churches across the country helped to buy a new church at E222nd Street. The current church building has a sanctuary, various rooms which could be used for Sunday school classes and other purposes.

BBFGA is one of the first Keralite Pentecostal churches formed in Bronx, NY and it still upholds the vision and purpose with which it was started years ago. Christian missions and evangelization efforts are remarkably emphasized in this church. Many church members are involved in Christian evangelization in USA, India and different parts of the world.

BFGA has always willingly participated in inter-church activities in New York, especially in the first common youth platform, the Pentecostal Youth Fellowship of America (PYFA), NY. Sunday School & various youth activities are conducted in an organized fashion. BFGA values and utilizes the talents that God has given to His children and therefore encourages all and especially, the youth, to be faithful with their talents. The goal of Bronx Full Gospel Assembly is to empower all with the spiritual knowledge and blessings that are available through Jesus Christ, so that everyone may be presented perfect in Christ when He returns.

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